Sona oganesyan custom print leather jacketDigital Image Transfer on Leather

LeatherFX introduces a new and exciting process of leather decoration – digital image transfer on leather.

The proprietary process allows designers and manufacturers to create leather goods with consistent, durable graphics on leather – any leather, be that crust, coated, dyed and everything in between. We can even put images on exotic skins such as python, alligator, snake, ostrich…Once applied, the image bonds permanently to the leather, becoming part of it. It will retain the natural beauty and the feel of leather with added benefit of full color image on top of it.

The process allows for both short custom runs as well as long production runs. And it’s eco-friendly – there are no solvent inks or laminating films applied to leather. There are no size limitations – except the size of the skin. We can put images on leather panels as well as pre-cut patterned pieces.

Full Color Leather Printing

The ability to apply graphics to leather provides designers with unlimited opportunities to create their leather pieces with color images – something that wasn’t readily available until now - no more painstakingly slow and expensive hand painting or even more expensive screen printing – with our process it is possible to create truly unique custom leather pieces – one piece at a time – or do large production runs - be that footwear, furniture, book cover, car seat cover, clothing, accessories.